How Does This Work? What Do I Bring?

Basically its Bring Your Own Everything. Generally theres enough for everyone, a sort of community BBQ, where meats, drink, & supplies are all shared. Drop your meat off at the pits, and volunteer cooks will grill it up.

Alcoholic Beverages
In the past alcoholic beverages were tossed into a community pool. As of Toxic BBQ 4, we are encouraging attendees to keep their alcoholic beverages at their tables. This is in attempt to prevent underage drinking, & to prevent a safety issue from broken bottles hidden in a barrel of ice. But yes, Alcohol is allowed and encouraged. Just try to bring your own beverage cooling device.


Pre-BBQ Supply / Food Run

Before the BBQ a food run will be made to Sams Club, you can follow the caravan or hitch a ride with someone, the food run usually meets up outside the convention area around 3pm. Shoppers are expected to cover what they pick out. If a buyer comes up short the group usually pulls together to cover the expense. Someone in the group will have a Sams membership card.

Places To Shop

Hints on What To Bring:

In the past we have been short on
Tinfoil, Plastic Utensils, Paper Plates, Chips, Charcoal, Ice

Food is usually not something we are short on. However things connected to preperation & serving are usually what is forgotten.

Sides are always welcome, but the Toxic BBQ is mainly a meat event. If you are vegetarian, you will need to make special arrangements.