Evolution Of The BBQ

Over the years the Toxic BBQ has grown. Its impossible to get an acurrate count since we do not charge for any of the event. But this is the official head count done by counting people at various points durring the BBQ.

Toxic BBQ I (2004)72Napalm: Serious Data Destruction and One Mean BBQ.
Toxic BBQ II (2005)136Larger flame wars, Longer forks, and Freshly smoked noobs
Toxic BBQ III (2006)247If Its Not Dead, We Cook It A Little Longer
Toxic BBQ IV (2007)325Where The Only Dropped Packets Are Ketchup
Toxic BBQ V (2008)450+0xD3ADB33F +25 Health
Toxic BBQ VI (2009)700+Swine Flu Response Team
Toxic BBQ VII (2010)800+
Toxic BBQ VIII (2012)
Toxic BBQ IX (2013)
Toxic BBQ X (2014)
Toxic BBQ XI (2015)200+
Toxic BBQ XII (2016)

Toxic BBQ IThe First Toxic BBQ
Toxic BBQ IIBBQ Canceled for about 30 minutes, then re-announced. Rain or flood The BBQ was on.
Toxic BBQ IIIPark security forced an early shutdown & cleanup due to number of people & glass containers present.
Toxic BBQ IVNew Location & Permits were possibly required due to the size of the event.
The BBQ was held without either.
The first Titanium Chef contest was held this year.
Toxic BBQ VDue to the size of our event, permits & security were required. After meeting requirements no major problems arised.
Titanium Chef & Hooch Wars became subevents of the Toxic BBQ.
Toxic BBQ VIBack again, we moved to the southern part park, use of a pavillion, and tons of parking. Still growing strong.
Toxic BBQ VIISame Place, Still growing.
Toxic BBQ IX
Toxic BBQ X
Toxic BBQ XI