Every year thousands of Hackers and Computer Security Enthusiasts attend Defcon the worlds largest underground hacking convention. Before the convention starts the Toxic BBQ is held. Its an event put together by attendees, not funded, organized, or sanctioned by the convention. Attendees donate thier time, money and food, and put together a huge kickoff to the con.

    Every year attendance grows, and so does the selection of food, from Yak & Elk, to Ribs & Beer, the Toxic BBQ has something to offer everyone. Its not just a place to eat and drink, its a place to meet and greet your fellow attendees before the con.

    Best of all, its free. You are encouraged to contribute something, whether it be food, donation, your cooking skills, or even a ride to the BBQ site. Many of the organizers can be found at the BBQ pits.